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SMS Enabler: SMS-to-Computer Software

Forward incoming SMS messages to a PC or Website for real-time processing and logging. Auto-respond to incoming SMS messages.

SMS Enabler System diagram

About SMS Enabler

SMS Enabler is a program that lets you automatically receive and reply to SMS messages on a PC or website using a 3G/GSM modem or dongle connected to a computer.

Key features:

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How it works

Each time a new message arrives to the modem/dongle, SMS Enabler reads it, then instantly forwards it to one or more destinations, such as: a database table, a website, a file, an email address or other phone numbers. Then (if configured so) it sends an automatic SMS response. Finally, it deletes the received message from the modem's memory.

Before you can receive SMS messages with SMS Enabler you must configure the connection to the modem/phone in SMS Enabler's Settings dialog box.

It can run in Windows and Linux (using Wine).

Usage scenarios

  1. Collect data from people or devices via SMS on a computer or a web-server in real-time
  2. Receive SMS messages in your custom application (PC-based or web-based)
  3. Auto-respond to incoming SMS text messages
  4. Receive SMS text messages as emails

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